The Red Army During World War Two

During World War 2, the USSR mobilised the majority of attacks towards Nazi Germany; killing 8 times more Nazis than the USA and U.K. had combined. The Red Army compared to Nazi Germany in casualties was 1.3:1. Although by 1941, Germany’s power had a population of 350 million and had control of the majority of Europe and it’s industry, the USSR still battled on with a population of 165 million at the time, meaning with the amount of forces and power, the USSR still did very well against the Axis. During the war, some Soviets had went against the USSR and wanted to fight for Nazi Germany, collaborating with the enemy. 50,000 soldiers from the Red Army had found to be collaborators and with 70,000 Cossacks; the amount of Nazi collaborators in total was 300,000. One lie about the Red Army is that many of them fought out of fear of Stalin. This is simply not true. Germany had noted and were wary of the heroism of Soviet forces and there were only 657,000 deserters, many of which would fight for the Red Army again and only 0.5% of them would be killed due to military tribunal. To expel another myth, every soldier had a gun and there was no “one gun for every four men.” This lie came from a movie named “Enemy At The Gates.” These claims have no historical backing whatsoever. In total, the USSR had lost 25 million citizens fighting the Nazis.



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